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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

16 Weeks

From American Baby:

Your Baby

Your little one has hiccups! An involuntary movement of the diaphragm causes these painless contractions. In adults, this movement is followed by closure of the vocal cords (making the familiar "hic" noise); because the baby's trachea is filled with fluid rather than air, fetal hiccups don't generate sound. The frequency of hiccups varies widely, with some babies experiencing several bouts a day and others never seeming to get them at all. By the sixth month, you'll be able to "see" fetal hiccups as they occur--they'll make your belly jump.

AND from my email concerning this week:

By this week your unborn baby measures between 4.3 and 4.6 inches from head to buttocks and he weighs almost 3 ounces (80 grams). Baby's fingernails are now well formed and his legs are longer than his arms. The fine hair that previously covered your baby's body now also covers his head. Baby is moving his arms and legs more now, and you should be feeling this movement very soon! This may be the time when your doctor will talk to you about prenatal testing.

So, I have 24 weeks until my EDD :D

Had my midwife appointment today also :D My blood pressure is 110/56. Low, huh? What's up with that? BUT, we did get to hear the baby's heartbeat at last!!! yay! And it didn't even take long to find it! Like, just a second or two! My midwife is Melanie Weaver. I really like her :) She has no problems with my girls coming to my appointments; she even includes them! She let Calista hold the doppler to find the heartbeat! And Ursula sat on Melanie's lap and pushed the 'on' button :D The girls were very happy to help :D Oh, yeah, Ursula also held the gel and helped squirt it on my belly and Calista held the tissue to wipe it off once they were done.

The baby's heartbeat was like 167 bpm. She said that its still small now, so, the heartbeat will be fast still.

My next appointment is in 5 weeks; because Melanie is going on vacation. So, I'll be 21 wks along next I go in.


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*Not counting the time I believe I miscarried, the day before Thanksgiving 2003