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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

29 Weeks

I went to my midwife, Melanie, Monday. A very quick visit, much to Jeremy's delight! She felt the baby and said he feels about 3 lbs (which correlates with my pregnancy calender emails and sites! lol). He's head down, butt to my right ribs and feet to my left ribs. She didn't measure me this time though :( I like knowing that :) I gained a whole lot this past month! Oh well... I still have my sights on getting down to 115. I promise, I will. You will ALL see :D I'll post pictures :) lol My next visit is in 3 wks, only because she's changing offices at the 2 wk mark that I would normally go in for. I'll be going to her new office, still in the same hospital, on the first floor though :) on November 1st, her first day receiving her patients. From then on, I'll be going every 2 wks until, I believe, 36 wks... and then its a weekly visit until little Wyatt is born :)

From my email box (from American Baby):

Your baby now weighs close to 3 pounds and measures a total of almost 17 inches in length. Babies born between 38 and 42 weeks of pregnancy are considered full-term infants. If born before 38 weeks, a baby is considered preterm. Your uterus is now 3 1/2 to 4 inches above your navel, and you have probably gained between 19 and 25 pounds.

Oh yeah... I've gained that much for sure... :( oh well... My uterus/fundal height feels like its in my ribcage though... compressing on my lungs... LOL

More from American Baby's site for 29wks:

Your Baby
For the past six weeks or so, your baby has been listening to your voice (along with the voices of your partner, older children, and anyone else who's been talking to your belly). Speaking to your baby is not only a key part of prenatal bonding, but may also form the basis of language development. Babies who have been spoken to in utero recognize and turn to familiar voices immediately after birth. There may also be links between prenatal stimulation and the development of speech and IQ. Conversely, studies have shown that songbirds hatched from the nests of silent foster parents don't sing.

Well, according to this, my baby will definitely know his family! lol My daughters are constantly talking to him!

I'm sure others find these little updates somewhat boring... but, you'd have to be in my shoes to find them a tad interesting :D hehe I like to know a little about what's going on in that uterus of mine and how my baby is doing.

From The Baby Connection newsletter:

Your baby's brain is developing billions of neurons (important for later learning) at an amazing rate— no wonder her head is getting bigger now! To meet her nutritional demands— which peak this trimester— you'll need plenty of protein, vitamin C, folic acid, and iron. Her bones, in particular, are soaking up lots of calcium now, so drink your milk (or find another good source of calcium, like cheese or enriched orange juice). And get enough fiber in your diet to help prevent constipation, which can lead to hemorrhoids, a common occurrence in late pregnancy. Even if your belly button was an "innie" before, it may become an "outie" now.

I'm pretty good about taking my prenatals and other stuff... so, that's cool.
I've never had an outie... I wonder if I'll get one for this one?

Its just so neat that it won't be long before my little one is born :) Hopefully at home... :D


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*Not counting the time I believe I miscarried, the day before Thanksgiving 2003