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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

36 Weeks - 9 mths!!!

Well, I got to go to my prenatal appointment because my mom had brought us home yesterday and slept over. So, I called and they fit me in today.

Bad news:

Melanie Weaver, my CNM, is no longer in practice! She couldn't afford the malpractice insurance!!! So, this really sucks... OOOORRRRR it could be one of those 'signs' I've been praying about :)

So, I am going to keep seeing Dr. Karkoff (sp?).

He did the GBS and hemoglobin tests today.
Baby's heartbeat is strong and in the 150's.
I'm measuring 34cm. He said that is just fine and that usually women plateau at that measurement.
My bloodpressure is 138/79
My weight is 178lbs; which is 33 lbs gained... not bad, IMO, for myself :) I gained around 40lbs for both of my other pregnancies. So, its all good.
He also checked for dilation and effacement. Said there's a little dimple... but, he doesn't feel I'll go into early labor... which is what I figured anyways. Calista was a 40 wk baby and Ursula was a 39 week baby.

I go back next week, of course. I guess I'll take a couple of pictures in a little while and post them as well.


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*Not counting the time I believe I miscarried, the day before Thanksgiving 2003