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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Smallish Update

Ever since I was 32 wks (I'm currently 33wks 2 days), I've been having Braxton Hicks contractions. I might have had a couple prior to that... but, nowadays, I'm having them throughout the day. They definitely don't hurt. They normally come on when I've been sitting or laying down for a while and then get up. But, of course, that's not the only times I get BH.

The baby is still active. I can usually count on him moving whenever I lay on my sides.

I started reviewing my book, Heart & Hands by Elizabeth Davis
A Midwife's Guide to Pregnancy and Birth. I read it in front of Jeremy and point out different pictures. One of them shows the father behind the laboring mom while she's squatting, he's pressing her hips together, opening up her birth canal. My sister, Aimee, said her dh did this for at least one of their babies and it really helped her throughout her labor. Anyways, I show him that and tell him he might have to do that for me. He made some sort of comment and said something about pushing hard and and my pelvis breaking in half but how easily the baby would come out then... I'm like, okay, you don't need to put her full strength into it... I won't be of much use if I'm in a body cast for months on end! Point is, is that he hasn't said anything about me doing this at home. We've talked about it only a little bit, but I know he's heard me talk on the phone about it. I'm thinking he's okay with it.

If I don't watch myself, I waddle! lol

I've been taking some homeopathic stuff for back aches and I'm not hurting as bad now... but, still a little stiff in the mornings.

Hate to bend over... lol

My next prenatal appointment is November 15th.


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*Not counting the time I believe I miscarried, the day before Thanksgiving 2003