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Monday, December 12, 2005

37 Weeks 6 Days - Prenatal

My mom drove up and brought me to my appointment. She'll stay at least until tomorrow night because of Calista's Christmas Program.

My blood pressure is 136/60.
Gained 2 lbs... Up to 181 lbs (my heaviest ever now).
I'm measuring 35 cm.
I'm about 1½ cm. dilated and starting to efface. He didn't give me a percentage.
Baby's heartbeat was in the 140's.

I gave him my birthplan and he put it with my records. Said most of that shouldn't be a problem and if he feels he needs to do something, he'll talk to me about it. I said that was fine. Of course, my intention is to go ahead and give birth at home anyways. But, I like having a back-up plan prepared.

He said that he expects me to go another 2 weeks... one more week for sure, but he still expects me to go around my due date time, which is what I was figuring anyways.

He also said that what happened with the contractions was totally normal from me being on my feet all day this past Saturday. I told him how I timed them for an hour last night and most were 5 min. and how at one point, it felt like something was opening and he said that might be me feeling my pelvis opening. I was like, yeah, that was probably it!


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*Not counting the time I believe I miscarried, the day before Thanksgiving 2003